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By stuartclark, Oct 23 2020 03:22PM

Strange days indeed.

Humbled to see all those clients working relentlessly in often massively difficlut circumstances. It's great to be able to do our bit to support you all.

By stuartclark, Feb 16 2020 04:07PM

Brilliant start to the year, thanks largely to Neil's efforts. Substantial growth in M1 & M2

By stuartclark, Dec 23 2019 03:31PM

To Neil, Sue, Alicia, Sandra and Jayne for their efforts this year. A record year, and a massive opportunity for further growth - looking forward to 2020 already!!

By stuartclark, Dec 8 2019 05:16PM

Well done Neil - Six months work from start to finish, but a great reward - 3,000 member scheme now all up and running. Amazing work